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ARX MINERALS is a mining company implementing a project of Berkarinskiy Mining and Metallurgic Complex (MMC) for the extraction and processing of copper-bearing ores of Berkara deposit with the production of cathode copper.
Project location – Berkarinskiy ММС is located in the East Kazakhstan region, 350 km to the north of Karaganda city.
Deposit reserves registered in the State balance and confirmed by an independent report in accordance with the JORC Code 2012 on December, 2019.

The project provides for the mining of oxide and mixed ores of the deposit with subsequent processing and production of cathode copper by extraction and electrolysis (SX-EW) technology with a heap leaching section.
Production capacity: mining - 600 000 tonnes of ore per year, production - 5 000 tonnes of cathode copper per year.
Deposit development period: 8.5 years with the potential to extend the development period through increment of reserves.
Project operator: Arx Minerals LLC. The license for exploration and production was issued to Nouvelle Mining LLP, an affiliated company of Arx Minerals LLC. The project is implemented with the participation of the managing company, Resource Capital Group LLP.


  1. Capital mining operations – June-September 2021 г.

  2. Start of production of copper-bearing ore – September, 2021

  3. Starting the processes of the mined ore crushing and its stacking – the first quarter of 2021

  4. Launch of a SX-EW plant for the production of cathode copper (the second– third quarter of 2022)

Information about Berkara deposit


    The deposit is located in the East Kazakhstan region, about 350 km of Karaganda city.

    The nearest settlements: Algabas (Dogolan) village – about 9,5 km to the north of the area, Kaynar village – 40 km to the east of the area. Numerous earth roads connect the settlements in the project area; the auto-road Karaganda – Ayaguz is 5 km to the north of the area. Karagaily village is 100 km of the road. Abyz mine, which belongs to the Kazakhmys Corporation, is located near Karagaily village. The nearest railway station is in the village of Karagaily.

    The population density of the area is low, and small villages represent the main settlements. The local population is mainly engaged in animal husbandry and farming.


    There are three areas of industrial interest in the deposit: Vostochniy and Severniy areas and the prospective area “Zona Dalnaya”. The deposit was explored in the periods from 1959-1960, 2003-2004 and 2016-2019.

    A significant amount of exploration work was carried out in the early periods of prospecting and appraisal, which led to the discovery of Berkara deposit. For the purpose of preparation for the mining stage, a range of exploration work was carried out during the period from 2017 to 2019. The work included: drilling, mining, geophysical, topographic, hydrogeological, sampling, and cameral works, as well as laboratory investigations. The report on mineral resource estimate of the Berkara copper deposit in the East Kazakhstan region was prepared in accordance with the KAZRC standards (The Kazakhstan Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Solid Minerals Resources and Ore Reserves - The KAZRC Code, (“KAZRC”)). Ore and copper reserves of the Berkara deposit registered in the State balance. The life cycle of the deposit is 8-9 years.


    The work area is characterized by a gently and steeply sloping relief.


    The climate of the region is harsh continental, and arid. Summers are short and hot, and winters are long and cold.

    The region is characterized by frequent strong winds, which in winter are accompanied by drift storms and blinding snowstorms.

  • Hydrographic network is poorly developed; there are no significant waterways within the work area.

  • Vegetation is sparse represented, mostly, by miscellaneous herbs covering valleys and slopes of the hills with discontinuous, low-growing cover.

    Fauna is extremely poor and has grown scanty over the years. These are mainly birds and rodents.

Technology description:

Technology description: